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Tomb of Saadi


Saadi Tomb

The Tomb Saadi is a tomb and mausoleum dedicated to the Persian poet Saadi in the Iranian city of Shiraz. Saadi was buried at the end of his life at a Khanqah at the current location. In the 13th century a tomb built for Saadi by Shams al-Din Juvayni, the vizir of Abaqa Khan. In the 17th century, this Saadi tomb was destroyed. During the reign of Karim Khan was built a mausoleum of two floors of brick and plaster, flanked by two rooms. The current building was built between 1950 and 1952 to a design by the architect Mohsen Foroughi and is inspired by the Chehel Sotoun with a fusion of old and new architectural elements. Around the tomb on the walls are seven verses of Saadi’s poems.

Abu Mohammad Moshre al Din Mosleh Ibn Abdullah titled “Saadi” was born in the first years of 12th century in Shiraz. He spent many years of his life travelling around the world and after returning to Shiraz he died in 1294 and his body was buried in a monastery.

The current tomb of Saadi was built by Ali Asghar Hekmat under the support of Iranian National Artwork Association. The architecture of it is entrance is based on an artistic design of Andre Gedar.

The structure of the Tomb is in Iranian  style Eight brown stone columns uphold the forehead of the tomb.  The structure is made of white stone with beautiful tiling.

The structure is cubic from outside but octagonal from inside. The interior walls are covered by marble. On its left side, the azure dome of tomb reaches to a portico with seven rooms. The floor is covered with black stones.

The gravestone is located at the center of octagonal structure. Above the gravestone. there is  a dome adorned by azure tiles. One of the angles  of octagon is the entrance to the structure; and there are seven inscriptions of the Gulistan, the Bustan, odes and prose of Saadi with hand writing of Ibrahim Boozari.

There is a duct ten meters below the Tomb whose water is sulfuric mercuric. The water pours into a pool called Fish Pool.