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Project Description

Pars Museum

AThe Pars Museum is a museum in Shiraz, Fars Province, southern Iran and is located in Nazar Garden.The octagonal building was the place in which royal guests were hosted during the Zand dynasty of Iran. It was also used for holding official ceremonies.It is also the burial place of Karim Khan Zand. this is worth to visit and Please visited this museum when you enter this palace you can see a great and attractive ceiling and it is heritage of IRANIAN and also Shiraz   it is a part of Karim Khan Complex beautiful the Pars museum’s environment is beautiful garden , it is just located outside Arg-e-karim Khan. Not everything is in the citadel. The tomb of this king (Karim khan)  and a painting of him are there in the museum, a beautiful small building with magnificent wall paintings. There are pretty old items such as a painted pottery jar belonging to 3000 B.C. and a holy Quran used to be at the entrance gate of Shiraz (Darvazeh Quran).