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Project Description

Jahan Nama Garden


It is a garden reminding the seniority of Shiraz and preserving the memories of Mozaffarids and injus. it was marked during the residence of Tamburlatine in Shiraz and great efforts were performed for its propertity by his order. The garden was reconstructed during the kingdom of Karim Khan and two floor summerhouse was built in it and also it is the oldest garden in Shiraz, with about 40000 square meter area, irrigating from Rokni, a well-known river. Jahan Nama Garden is located in a special region of Shiraz (Hafez Street) among Hafez Shrine, Haft Tanan, Darvazeh Quran, Khajavi Kermani, Baba Kuhi, National Garden, Gahvareh Did, National Library and Archives, etc.

Since 2004 a high quality restoration of the Jahan Nama garden has been underway. This large walled garden has existed since at least the 13th century CE. Much of the present design may be 18th century. In a classic Persian garden arrangement, four broad avenues, bordered with orange trees, cypresses and roses converge on an octagonal stone pavilion at the centre.