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Project Description

Afif-Abad Garden

Afif-Abad Garden (Persian: باغ عفیف آباد – Bāq e Afif-Ābād‎‎), originally the Golshan Garden (Persian: باغ گلشن – Bāq e Golshan‎‎), is a museum complex in Shiraz, Iran.

Located in the affluent Afif-Abad district of Shiraz, the complex was constructed in 1863. It contains Beautiful Mansion and museum , in there you can see the amazing design from almost 40 years ago for a royal mansion and also it has a amazing garden and yard which used to be a place for holding wedding ceremony for army people.

Garden of Afif Abad (Garden of Gulshan) has an area of 13000 square meters. There is a massive building in the middle of this garden construction by Miraza Mohammad khan Qavam al mulk Shirazi. Finished in 1827, the building of Afif Abad is one of the oldest building of Qajar era in Shiraz.

There are four tall columns in front of porch of the building whose capitals are adorned with molding. There are carvings like those of Persepolis at their capital.

Mansion was reconstructed in 1982 by the supports of military forces and Iranian Culture Legacy. Its basement is now used as the military museum.

Mansion whose architecture is a mixture of Achaemenides, Sasanian and Qajar architecture has two floors with rooms adorned with beautiful molding.

Dressing room of the bathhouse of the garden that has changed into a traditional restaurant and also there is a large pool on the eastern side of the building that has doubled its beauty.